exista reguli in social media?

La noi, numai 20-30% dintre cei care lucreaza cu social media au inceput sa stabileasca anumite linii directoare, cum ar fi un set de reguli de actiune, conform mad.wall-street.ro. Transparenta, feedback imediat, recunoasterea greselilor atunci cind e cazul, acestea ar fi cele mai importante reguli dupa care agentiile ar trebui sa-si ghideze activitea de social media. Imi plac cele 10 reguli ale lui Brian Wallace: Iata-le in limba domnului Shakespeare: A inceput de la cea mai importanta..10. in social media: multitasking makes you stupid. Do a single task and increase quality (props @kathysierra – http://bit.ly/sM8D) 9. in social media: be a wellspring of thoughts and inspiration to others. On the fly. Come on, I dare ya. 8. in social media: be careful what you say. If you think only social media folks are watching this space, think again 7. in social media: know when to take a break – and going on Twitter doesn't count as taking a break 6. in social media: be adept at thought, speech, and action – and know that they are all connected. 5. in social media: learn to type 80+ words per minute, you'll need it 4. in social media: your goal ultimately should be to help change the world. 3. of social media: love what you do. 2. of social media: more coffee (good guess, @localseoguide) 1. of social media: coffee. Daca mai stiti si alte reguli importante, impartasiti va rog. Share this: Digg Reddit Like this: Like Be the first to like this post. Tags: italia, love

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